China First Warcraft 3 Network Live Broadcast

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Everyone who played starcraft or concerned about Electronic Competition would know Electronic Competition  in starcraft have great development. Korean government have confirm its legal position and contribution to national economics. yellow, nada and oov had become  star in Korea. but war3 and war3 player has less Influence.

China had develop starcraft before, but there is still great distance between Chinese and Korean player. as Sky(a famous Chinese war3 player) continually won two championship in WCG which represent highest award in Electronic Competition. China decided to make  breakthrough in war3 even in Electronic competition so that Chinese government would confirm its legal position.

Nowadays China hold a China-Korea war3 star competition to expand Electronic Competition influence in china. the most significant feature of this competition is live Network Broadcast by a software called ppstream, so many gamer could see it through Internet. I think this is a good try to develop China Electronic Competition. The emcee of live broadcast give me such feeling as young and humor. It's the style I like. But I found that emcee give so strong Chinese bias although they are Chinese, So do I. it makes me a little displeasure because I think they should take neutrality in their position. If you are just a audience you can express your whole feeling but you are not. However I still like this game although I love starcraft more than war3 and hope it can expand Electronic Competition influence in china.