Add In-Site Search To Your Blogger Beta

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

In my blogger beta default template, there is no in-site search function in my blog and I can not find it in widgets supported. So I am surprised and frustrated that blogger beta has not such normal function. I am not sure whether other default themes has it.

Today I navigated a blog which give lot's of blogger beta hack skills and found a mount of useful information there. However this function is not mentioned in it, is this is a special to me? Fortunately I saw a "search this blog" button in it, then I open the source of the website. I got the search code below.

<form id="searchthis" action="" style="display: inline;" method="get"> <input id="b-query" name="q" type="text"/> <p><input id="b-searchbtn" alt="Search This Blog" src="" title="Search this blog" type="image"/> </p> </form>

ok this is the code we want, just change the red code above with your blog address. then add a widget of HTML in template and copy them into it.

Try it!


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