A Normal Problem In China -- Train Delay

Monday, December 4, 2006

I do not know whether train delay in other country than china is a normal thing, but it's quite ordinary in china although the railway department has improved their service now. 

Today I take train from Shanghai to Hangzhou. A tour should take one and half a hour from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. I got to the South Shanghai Railway station at 4:40 on time, but when I waiting in the room,   unfortunately a moment later screen displayed that the train will delay, I am familiar with it as frequently train taker. but a little surprised to me the delay time is unsure. This is unacceptable to be because I can't go out for supper if I do not know when would train come. I don't think the delay time is totally unknown to railway workers. Although there is not accurate time, but must be a range. It is a monopoly mentality that just say sorry from broadcast and have not any practical action include their responsibility to forecast delay time. Finally after waiting in the room for almost one hour I got up the train at 6:20 and the train leave Shanghai at 6:40 which time I had arrived the destination if on time. when I arrived at Hangzhou, It's 8:20. the train delayed 1 hour and 20 minutes  to a trip just 1 hour 30 minutes. this is not a special case, I encounter this condition about 2 month ago in the same train.

I search some compensation for train delay from Internet. In Sweden, they passed a law to ensure this. Euro are prepare for it. I understand there is lot's of reason for train delay,  but the behavior such irresponsible like not giving any practical action include their responsibility to forecast delay time is makes me frustrated and angry.

China had developed a lot and fast in hardware however, there is a great delay in software like service. Hope it can be better! 



Take it easy, we know services in China are almost the worst~ For example, if you take something in a Chinese fast food shop, the things if you gonna charge are low, they will take umbrage at your low consumption. This behavior may also appear in some toggeries.

sacranto said...

I have these complaint to hope it will be better.