Is Shutdown

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Maybe this is a old news but I just got it when I can't open the website. I found the reason and knew that it is shutdown at May from Internet. It makes me a little frustrated because this is my favorite website when I in the grade 4 at university, I was a enthusiastic Starcraft fan that time and played it everyday. Logging in to is as usual as eating, sleeping. PlaySC is a new comer and small that time and I am the first round member of it , We discuss sc tactics and knew some sc gamer. Although I left the game because I think I should not concentrate on games to influence my study and life, I pay attention to it like I do in Starcraft. I knew the website become more and more popular in china sc area. I am happy for seeing it.

As is shutdown, I also be depressed to feel I am not young, the game like starcraft, diablo I played is replaced by Warcraft, Wow; the entertainment star such as Jacky, Maggie has less influence than Jay and a lot who I can't call their name.

It also makes me remember that I saw a TV programs called Old Song Recommendation not long ago. every song is popular when I am young and I still feel they are euphonious but nowadays they are out of date in younger's thinking.

How time flies! My childhood has gone and I had to take more responsibility to myself and society. Hope I have prepared it.