Tip On Distributing PI-ActiveView Automated ActiveX Installation

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

In previous environment, I always use PI-ActiveView in the machines which has already installed PI-ActiveView and PI-ProcessBook, So I had never care distributing problem until I want to navigate the website use PI-ActiveView to see PDI files embed in it. the result is web page can not display it.

I remember someone ever told that this problem can be solved by automated ActiveX installation because of in the fact it's a ActiveX Control. Open the document of it is my choice and select the setting up automated web installation. Follow the instruction of it. so easy, isn't it?

Open the IE (not firefox for using ActiveX) and modify the security option about "unsigned ActiveX control" to "prompt" because ActiveX file we made has not signed. this is a temporary solution. I suggest u modify it back to prevent malicious ie plugin. This Time I got the ActiveX installation prompt, However when I click sure to install it, there is no response just displaying nothing.

All process seems right following the document. Finally I spent 2 hours to fix the problem and this is the tip what I want to give. Because I placed .cab files in the sub-directory of home directory,  Pay attention to this procedure of cabwizard


Remember to add sub-folder that your cab file placed in to the Full path. What caused me waste 2 hours is here.  In fact, the notion above is clear but I do not carefully read it.